Magento 2 产品定制设计常见--Custom Product Designer

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Magento 2 产品定制设计常见--Custom Product Designer


1、Custom Product Designer By Aitoc


  • Allow customizing cliparts and images

  • Include various design areas

  • Advanced Web-to-Print solution supported

  • Easy to customize various product sides

链接:Custom Product Designer for Magento 2

2、Personalized Products M2 


  • Allow customers to upload their images for designing the products

  • Easy to add text effects such as Curved Text, Arc, etc

  • Enable admins to download the raw files that are used by customers to customize the product

  • Let admin insert the new fonts anytime

链接:Personalized Products M2 

3、Magento Product Designer by Appjetty


  • Include image filters options

  • Product design templates supported

  • Configurable tool layout

  • Include desinger text styles

链接:Magento Product Designer by Appjetty

4、Product Designer by Cmsmart


  • Allow adding and customizing the image

  • Ability to add QR code function

  • Easy to preview the design

  • Allow customers to design on the smartphone

链接:Product Designer by Cmsmart

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Feature highlight

  • Angular based designer tool
  • Responsive and user friendly
  • Easy admin panel
  • Free library of thousands of free resource (e.g. clipart & patterns)
  • Download ready design in various format e.g. SVG, PNG, JPG, ZIP
  •

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