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你需要另外安装PWA Studio套件

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Required skillset

The skillset required to work with Magento themes is different from the skillset required for a PWA storefront because of the technologies used in each approach.

Magento frontend developers (普通主题开发)

In addition to knowing standard JS libraries, such as jQuery and KnockoutJS, Magento theme developers need general knowledge about Magento component development and specialized knowledge about its templating and layout system.

The following table is a summary of general skills needed for Magento theme development:

Skill Description
PHP The primary language of the Magento codebase
Javascript (JS) Core web language
jQuery A JS library used for things such as DOM manipulations
KnockoutJS JS framework used for binding data models to the UI
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Defines the style for a websites
Leaner Style Sheets (Less) Language extension for CSS
XML Format used by Magento for configuration and layout
Magento layouts Layouts represent the structure for a page
Magento templates Templates define how layout blocks are presented on a page
Magento UI library Frontend library for Magento theme developers
Magento UI components Another frontend library for Magento theme developers
Composer Package and dependency manager

Magento PWA storefront developers (pwa主题开发)

The barrier for entry for a PWA Studio developer is lower than a Magento theme developer. PWA Studio development requires less Magento-specific knowledge to create a custom storefront, and the tools and concepts it uses are more common and standard among the general front-end developer community.

The following table is a summary of general skills needed for PWA storefront development:

Skill Description
Javascript (JS) Core web language
React A JS library for building user interfaces
Redux A JS library for handling application state
GraphQL An API query language
webpack Project assets bundler
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Defines the style for a websites
CSS modules Locally scoped style definitions
Javascript Object Notation (JSON) Data-interchange format
Peregrine React components library provided by the PWA Studio
NPM JS package and dependency manager


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