Additional Custom Registration Fields & Attributes

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Additional Custom Registration Fields & Attributes

Magento 2 Custom Registration Fields is a feature-rich extension which allows you to add extra fields to the Sign-up form of your Website.An extra fields To the Sign-up form of your Website.

You can select from a variety of fields. You can also enable data validation to make sure that the entered data is relevant to the field.

Here is a list of fields which is supported and can you can create.

·         Text Field

·         Text Area

·         File Upload

·         Image Upload

·         Date

·         Drop Down

·         Multiple Select

·         Yes/No option

·         Radio

·         Checkboxes

·         Text Editor

·         Audio Upload

·         Video Upload

Powerful Key Features

1.        Add Unlimited Custom Fields to Registration Page

2.        Position & Sort Fields Anywhere on Registration Form

3.        Add Multi-Level Dependable Fields

4.        Support 13 Types of Fields

5.        Make Fields Mandatory or Optional

6.        Configure Data Input Validation for Fields

7.        Show/Hide New Field in Registration Email & My Account

8.        Restrict Additional Fields by Store Views

9.        Make Fields Non-Editable once Data is Entered by Customer

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