What Can You Do If Discord Keeps Crashing? Here are 5 Solutions

It is ideally suited to all applications that demand powerful, but flexible word processing features. By default Windows 10 does not have the ability to print PDF files to printer in batch. PDF2Printer allows to print PDF to a printer from any Windows application or anywhere in Windows Explorer you right-click on a PDF document and choose Print. Webcam control panel for SONIX sn9c20x bridge and microdia driver. Add additional controls of v/h flip, auto exposure control, fast shoots via button of camera, turn on and off led's, flash, type of palette. If none of the above methods fix Realtek audio console not working on Windows 11 problem. Then, you should restore your system back to when the issue did not exist.

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  • Usually, the problem is caused by faulty or outdated drivers and you can easily fix it by yourself.
  • This can happen when the anti-virus software has difficulty determining whether the program you want to install is a virus or a legitimate program.
  • However, some users have reported that using the keybinds can cause Discord to freeze out of nowhere.

Feel free to download the latest drivers for your GPU. Removing GPU drivers using DDUAfter the drivers are completely wiped, the next step is to download the latest drivers of your GPU. Click on the “Clean and restart” option to start wiping your GPU’s drivers. After you’ve downloaded and installed DDU, we have to ensure the safest driver removal process by booting the PC in Safe Mode. After Java is done installing, relaunch Minecraft and see if your problem is resolved. If it isn’t, continue with the solutions listed below.

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This is similar to factory resetting your phone. Does Discord keep on crashing or freezing on your Windows PC? Here is a complete guide on how you can fix the freezing or crashing issues with the Discord app on your PC. If all above methods fail to fix Discord crashing issue for you, you might need to reinstall your Discord, which is also easy to operate. Another method to remove Discord crashing issue is turning on Legacy mode for your Discord. If this problem occurs when you use mic or other voice/video interactions, don’t hesitate to use this method.

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If you were using key bindings in the previous version of Discord app then the issue is most likely caused by the key bindings. Luckily, this issue can easily be fixed by simply deleting the previous key bindings. The steps for deleting the key bindings are given below. Gamers with Nvidia graphic cards have noticed constant issues with the display of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

So, follow the steps given below to turn off the hardware acceleration for Discord app. You won’t be able to follow the steps given in methods listed below if the Discord app is frozen. So, open the task manager by holding down the CTRL, SHIFT, and Esc keys simultaneously (CTRL + SHIFT + ESC). discord screen share no audio Locate the Discord app from the list, right click it and select End Task. One of the most common MW2 errors faced by players on PC was the ‘game_ship.exe‘ error. The Modern Warfare 2 subreddit was filled with users complaining about the error.