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"Conclusions. Each theory presented in this article is dense and sophisticated, but I hope you can discover from the total concentration of every. I individually believe that that we will need to go beyond some of these theories and development into a more strong theory of atonement.

But luckily, at the conclusion of the day, we aren't saved by theories. We are saved by Jesus! How that comes about may possibly be exciting to go over and theorized about, but only in the sight of the simple fact that it really is the who that matters considerably much more!What do you consider of all these theories? Does a specified 1 charm to you more than the relaxation? Enable me know in a remark!Recommended reading. The subsequent textbooks are some of the best research on the atonement I know and recommend for further looking through:Atonement, Justice, and Peace by Darrin W. Snyder Belousek (the most effective argument versus penal substitution I've go through)The Crucifixion by Fleming Rutledge (superb study on the cross for today's planet)Christus Victor by Gustaf Aulén (a traditional study of standard atonement products)Atonement: Man or woman and Do the job of Christ by Thomas F. Torrance (excellent analyze by the renowned twentieth-century theologian)The Character of the Atonement by John McLeod Campbell (difficult reading, but traditionally an important textual content)On the Incarnation by Athanasius (you should not allow the title fool you: this is a profound textual content for the atonement in the early church)Curs Deus Homo: Why God Became Gentleman by Anselm (common for the "gratification" atonement concept)Against Heresies by Ireneaus (a excellent case in point of the atonement in the early church)The Crucified God by Jürgen Moltmann (one particular of the greatest fashionable performs on the atonement)Church Dogmatics IV/1 by Karl Barth best essay writing service (yet another present day common on the atonement, well-known for Barth's idea of the "Decide judged in our place"The Mother nature of the Atonement: Four Sights (a respectable collection of essays to give you a sense for many atonement theories)Robin Collins, Understanding Atonement: A New and Orthodox Principle 1995 ↩ Christus Victor P.

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twenty ↩Related. 26 thoughts on " 7 Theories of the Atonement Summarized "Great article, thanks so significantly. I am leaning to five, the Penal Substitution concept.

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Influencing me is Paul, and Jesus's horror at "the cup of Gods Wrath", in Matthew. But I am only starting up out and have substantially to discover. We have to have to have an understanding of what we are getting saved from. Is it an imposed penalty that we are worthy of? Or is it an intrinsic consequence that sin delivers? What went incorrect to get started with, that the plan of salvation is made to rectify? If the diagnosis is wrong, the cure will be wrong. When we considered Satan's lie that God did not have our ideal interest in brain when he withheld the fruit from us, but rather was trying to retain one thing genuinely excellent from us, then we shed our assurance of God's love. That transformed our mother nature, the place dread and survival of the fittest substitute enjoy and trust as our primal motives.

Disobedience arrived as a result of shedding our have faith in in God. But God by no means stated that in the working day they ate He would have to eliminate them.

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He reported that in the working day they ate they would be killing them selves (center voice Greek verb, Septuagint). Sin kills. Sin is a fatal ailment. (With His stripes, we are healed) Jesus arrived to manifest the true character of God.

He reported that lifestyle eternal was in understanding God (John seventeen). God has endured with His young children ever since they started out struggling and hurting just about every other. In purchase to deliver us back again to His heart, and to mend us from the panic and selfishness, Jesus disclosed the character of the Father in His life and death.

The agony of God was disclosed on the Cross of Christ.